So it begins…

6 Jan

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step

Well, this is the beginning of a journey to Washington D.C. My name is Charles Bowles and I’m currently a junior at St. Louis University. However, this semester, I will be going to Washington D.C. for American University’s Washington Semester program. I will be a part of the Journalism section of the Washington Semester program. It is crazy to think that I’m seriously thinking about journalism as a possible career. When I started my journey in college, I was a history major and never thinking about journalism until the beginning of my sophomore year when my friend suggested that I give this whole journalism thing a try by writing for the student newspaper at SLU. I wrote my first two articles in September 2011 and then I was hooked.

After those two articles, my whirlwind journey began. I kept writing and writing and writing (did I mention writing?) and eventually was one of the only people to write for every regular section in our student newspaper’s history. My dedication paid off and I became the Associate Sports Editor of our student newspaper. I covered our men’s basketball team and got the experience of a lifetime of going to the NCAA tournament in Columbus, Ohio. Before I arrived in Columbus, I was asked by The New York Times college sports blog, the Quad, to write a blog about our team. Me? It was crazy, not a professional, a guy who had just began his journalism “experience” a few months earlier. It was amazing, The New York Times, the Times was linking to our online coverage for the NCAA Tournament. However, after a victory over Memphis, SLU was defeated by Michigan State and my writing time with the NYT was over.

The following semester, I became the Sports Editor of the student newspaper. It was a difficult semester for the paper especially covering the declining health of Rick Majerus, head coach of the men’s basketball team. After a long health ordeal all year, I was one of the first people to break the story of his passing. It was a very tough day for everyone at the University, he meant so much to our University. There were many highs, but way too many lows being the sports editor.

Now, I begin a new chapter in Washington DC. I admit this experience is like being a freshman in college once again. This time though, everyone will be in the same major and have a passion for what they do.  All of friends in St. Louis are the best people, I will miss them especially the seven seniors that I lived with last semester and the people that lived in the two houses next to mine.  After I finish my time in DC, I will return to St. Louis for my final year at Saint Louis University. It is going to be an exciting four months here in DC, there are so many opportunities and cannot wait to get started. Until next time…



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