Setting the Scene

11 Jan


Well I made it to American University yesterday. It was quite a journey. I woke up at 6 a.m. Sleepy, but excited to start out of my adventure to Washington DC. After a two hour plane flight to Baltimore, my parents and I got on a shuttle to travel to the University. After the 45 minute shuttle ride, I arrived. I’m here.

The Tenley campus is beautiful. It is a few blocks away from the main campus. This campus is designed for the Washington Semester program, so it is just for visiting students which is really nice. The campus has five buildings, three residence halls and two academic buildings. I live in Capital Hall which is connected to one of the academic buildings. It is amazing to think that I am actually here, after months of planning and waiting, I’m here.

After getting settled in, I decided to go explore around campus and the neighborhood. First thing that I notice is a 7-Eleven. Oh thank heaven. The neighborhood is very pleasant, a Whole Foods, Best Buy and a few local restaurants within a block from my residence.

After exploring the neighborhood, I turned in for the night.

Today, I had an orientation session learning about the on-campus resources and had an entertaining lecture about all that Washington has to offer. After the orientation, I had lunch with my parents at Z-Burger (which is very similar to Five Guys). However, walking in something was odd. There were are few black Escalades around the building, which seems weird for a burger place. After, I hugged my mom, a young lady passed by me with two guys in suits nearby. I didn’t think anything of it, until I did a double take. It was the president’s daughter, Malia Obama. I heard one of her friend say “Malia” so I know it was her.

What was she doing there? Does she go to school near by? And does the first lady approve (maybe that healthy eating program was all a ruse)? All very important questions, but I’m not TMZ so those are questions for another day. Still, awesome. First Day in DC and I see one of the members 0f the Obama family.

After that, it was off to my first class. There are 15 other students in my program. I met our two amazing professors, Gil Klein and Iris Krasnow.  First up is Gil Klein. Gil is a former president of the National Press Club and a reporter in DC covering the White House, Supreme Court and Congress over 15 years from Papa Bush to Clinton’s impeachment and before that 10 years at the Tampa Tribune. He worked in DC and knows about everyone in Washington DC. However, my second professor is just as amazing. Next up is Iris Kransow. Iris is a five time New York Times Best Selling Author and worked for UPI (a wire service similar to the Associated Press) before they went under. At UPI, she profiled Yoko Ono, Eile Wiesel and Ted Kennedy just to name a few. Yikes! Wow! I’m learning from these people. This is unbelievable. In our program we have people all over the United States and two international student. One is from Germany and the other is from Norway.

It has been a whirlwind first couple of days, but it is just so exciting to experience all of these different things. I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings.


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