Classes begin…

15 Jan

Well, yesterday after a few days in DC, my first class began. The first day was very simple, we went over the syllabus for the class and introduced ourselves. There are 15 people in our class. After the syllabus discussion, we discussed the current United States media environment and where we thought the future of journalism is going. 

There were a lot of great points and good discussion: The role of social media, Andrew Sullivan’s new independent subscription service, and other relevant topics. We had a few international students in our class. They are from Germany, Norway and Japan. The students from Germany and Norway were stunned to discover there was a lack of trust in our American Media. They said that in their respective countries that people deeply trust the media. In fact in Germany, people pay a fee for television which is separate from the government (I don’t think that would go over well in America). 

After our discussion, professor Klein asked us a question that I have never heard a professor ever ask me in my entire life.

“What do you all want to learn?”

I looked around the classroom and the looks on people’s faces were priceless. Shock. Confusion. Bewilderment. After the initial shock, people started saying topics like: Public vs. Private broadcasting, International reporting and many other topics. Every topic, there was not a refusal, the answer was always, “Yes, I know…” It was amazing. I was so happy. After that, it was a list of the places we are visiting and people we are meeting:

Places: Bloomberg, Politico, NBC News Washington Bureau, Foreign Press Service, National Press Club and so many other amazing places. 

People: Bob Schieffer, Candy Crowley, Martha Radditz, Jim Lehrer, and countless others.

Finally, someone asked about satire and humorous writing. And Professor Klein said that we will go see The Capitol Steps. I started bouncing in my seat because I have seen them and they are one of the funniest groups in DC.

It is only day one, I cannot wait to see what day two brings. 



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