The Fun Rolls On

30 Jan

It is nice to have a day off. I didn’t have class today because we have a “writing day” (writing for my blog counts right?).

Last time that I wrote, the inauguration was in high gear and I got some amazing photos. The inauguration was one of the most amazing days of my life. I didn’t think the inauguration could be topped, but I was completely wrong.

The day after the inauguration, the excitement continued. Last Tuesday, we talked about our experiences at the inauguration. The stories ranged all over the place, from some people who were unable to get in, to some people being on stage with the president. Unbelievable. One person actually said that their family knew Justice Scalia and they got tickets that way. The stories, the sights and sounds of the inauguration made me realize how special witnessing an inauguration was and the amazing opportunity that I had. After the discussion, we went to the National Press Club.

Professor Gil  Klein, one of my professor this semester, was the president of the National Press Club in 1994 and still is an active member of the Club. He is without doubt one of the best professors I have ever had. His connections, teaching style, and genuine personality is what makes him a great professor. He gave us a tour of the press club and then we sat down with Laura Schwartz.

Ms. Schwartz was the youngest person ever hired by the White House. She worked in the White House starting out as an intern in 1993 as part of the Washington Semester program and slowly but surely worked her way up until she became the Director of Events from 1998-2000. She talked about how to make the most of your internship and how hard work and determination pay off. She recently wrote a book called Eat, Drink, Succeed about the importance of social interaction and how social events= business. She cited an example of when she attended a State Dinner in 1994 how Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffery Katzenburg met to form Dreamworks. She was a dynamic speaker and gave me a lot of ideas about how to make the most of my internship.

Last Wednesday, we met the former ombudsman of The Washington Post Andy Alexander. He spoke with us about the recent major journalism scandals including one that had happened at the Post a few days before he spoke with us. He was able to simplify journalism ethics into ten major points. I really enjoyed his presentation. He even shared with me that the first ombudsman position was in Louisville, Kentucky. Crazy.

Last week was great, however, this week has been so much better.


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