The Future of News and New Media

26 Feb

My news feature assignment had begun to put some pressure on me, but before I started on that, I had a few more great experiences.

Last Monday, we traveled on Presidents Day to National Geographic. I had never seen Washington so quiet, everyone expect our class was off that day. However, we got exclusive access to the National Geographic Museum and met the vice president for the National Geographic Society, Steve Vick. He told us about the unique business model of how they are a non-taxable entity with taxable sub-corporations. It is amazing how they are able to thrive. They have struggled with their magazine, their legacy brand, but have made great strides on their television network and online ventures. He spoke a lot about the business side of the news industry, which did not seem to interest many people in my class, but I thought was very intriguing.

After visiting, we went to back to class to hear some of my classmates experiences at The State of the Union. My fellow classmate, Alyssa, got to go to SOTU (lucky), anyway she had an amazing story with PBS Newshour. Also, my fellow classmate, Kelsey, had a great experience of her own (also lucky), she interns with the Department of Education which played a prominent role in Obama’s speech. I was extremely jealous. However, later that day, I got an experience that no one else in my class would experience.

I went GLOBAL VOICE HALL which is a  is a web based social media platform that provides news and views on global issues affecting us all. They had a discussion on “News Media vs. New Media”. The panel was impressive, experts in all realms of the news field, journalists and professors. Tom Rosenstiel, who I got to meet the week before was there and it was great to talk with him after the presentation. It was such a dynamic discussion, I learned so much. The thing that sticks with is a statement made by Lee Rainie, he made the statement that we have created a 5th estate due to social media. I think I might just have a senior thesis topic. It was an awesome day. I asked a question about satire which seem to impress everyone in the audience. A few audience members even came up to me afterwards to speak with about my opinion on satire. After the seminar I spoke with the moderator, Yassin Alsalman. He is a journalist and a rapper called, The Narcicyst, he answered my question on satire and was one of the best moderators I have ever seen. He was awesome.

Last Tuesday, we went to Politifact, one of the best places for politics right now. We spoke with the founder of Politifact, Bill Adair. He told us about the changing dynamics of news media and how he created Politifact. It was interesting to hear how they worked and the different type of reporting that they do. They are in the verification business which is somewhat lost in today’s media. I really liked speaking with him and hearing his perspective.

After that we heard from Steve Taylor about how to write for different medium. Steve works at Fox News Radio and gave us some great examples on how to write for different mediums. It was a very good presentation.

Last week was great, but nothing compares to what happened when I began to write my news feature on Wednesday (which I will write about in another post).


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