Finding the Washington Post and XM Satellite Radio

6 Mar

We have a running joke between my friends and I at the Washington Semester Program about finding the Washington “post.” Is this the Washington Post?


I cannot verify that, but I can tell you more about my experiences last week in the Washington Semester Program. Last week was a lot of fun.

Last Monday, we traveled to the Washington Post to meet with education reporter Valerie Strauss. She spoke about becoming a blogger after many years of writing in print. The transition was tough because blogs rely on some old print journalism rules while interjecting personal opinion and analysis at times, if not all the time. It is a tough balance, but she explained how she relies on younger reporters to teach her. She told us about covering different events including the University of Virginia’s president resignation. After she spoke, she gave us some time to ask questions and I asked her a question about Michelle Rhee. She did not like Rhee and thought that she was simply a good marketer. Crazy. Sorry education people.

After traveling to the Post, we went to the Senate. I had not been to the Senate for a few years, it was much different this time.  Our class met with Joe Keenan, director of the Senate Press Gallery. He explained his job at the senate press gallery. It sounded like an interesting job. He coordinates a lot of the reporters at the Capitol Hill. He sat as the senate opened up for a sequester debate. It was interesting to sit in on the gallery and listen to the debate.

Last Tuesday, we traveled to the XM Satellite Radio for one of my favorite visits of his semester. At XM, we met long time radio host and forefather at NPR, Bob Edwards. Bob is a native of Louisville, Kentucky so I was excited. He told us about his experience at NPR and his transition to satellite radio. After he spoke, I talked with him about Louisville and even told me about my experience interning at Frazier History Museum in Louisville. He then gave us a tour of the large radio studio. It was unbelievable. Also, my friend Dylan, got to be on the 1960s radio channel. So cool. I might be writing a profile piece on him soon.

Last Wednesday, I finally turned in my news feature. A huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Later that evening, I went to a presentation with Professor Krasnow. It was on Muslim woman and the difficulties they face in different countries. I thought it would be boring, but it was fascinating.

I have had a great time these past few weeks. I will be writing on more adventures soon.


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