NBC, Real Clear Politics and SNOW… just a typical week in DC

13 Mar

No surprise, but I will continue to say it, I’m having an unbelievable semester in Washington DC. Every day is just another great adventure waiting to happen.

Last Monday was a great day. My day started at NBC News’ Washington Bureau just down the street. We walked in and were greeted by Alonzo, a liaison for the national network and the local station. He gave us a tour of the NBC News Studios, MSNBC and the local station in Washington DC. Our class saw the Hardball with Chris Matthews set and the Meet the Press set. It was amazing. Alonzo had been there for 17 years and knew all of the ins and outs of the studio. He was very nice and gave us some great insight about the entire operation. After the tour, we sat down in the Tim Russert conference room and met with NBC News’ Washington Bureau chief, Ken Strickland. Ken had an extensive history in Washington and was recently named the bureau chief at NBC. He was very funny and engaging. He gave some simple, but good advice for young journalists.

After going to NBC, we hopped on the metro back to National Geographic. There we met John Bredar. Bredar is a producer for documentary made by National Geographic. He showed us some of his work, it was very diverse and good. It took a while to convince one of my classmates, Alyssa, that he had worked on all these films. Still, it was impressive to see all of the films and things he has worked on at National Geographic. He even showed us a destroyed seal model that was attacked by a great white shark that he used to get camera shots of sharks in the 1990s. That was really cool. I was amazed by the creativity and ingenuity that he and others have to get some the amazing camera shots that they do at the magazine.

Last Tuesday, was a bit slower. We had a representative from American’s communication school talked about master’s programs that the university offered. Really, can I just finish my bachelor’s degree first? Although, I do have to begin to think about that post-bachelor’s stuff and it was helpful to know. After that, I think we had one of the best speakers that our class has ever had.

Alexis Simendinger of Real Clear Politics came into our class. She covered the White House for the National Journal for ten years and then moved over to Real Clear Politics, but Professor Klein knew her when she worked at the Tampa Tribune. She was great, very open to letting us ask questions. I was curious about the media’s changing dynamics with different administrations. She was very insightful, candid and interesting. She had a bit of a dry sense of humor, which I really liked. She wanted to hear from us, which was refreshing. She gave me a lot of hope and she seemed to enjoy her time with us which was very different from other speakers.


Before I go off my rant about the snowquester, I heard there some snow coming, but I thought that everyone was overreacting turns out I was right. So in the boredom of the snowquester (1 inch of snow) my friends and I decided to make a great satirical video of the snowquester coverage. I co-wrote it and I could not be happier with how well it turned out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vy3FSf7UWE

After that, it was packing and preparing to go back to Kentucky. So, the blog will be inactive for a little bit, but don’t worry, it will be back up and running soon.



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