Back to Work…

18 Mar

Well, I was in Kentucky for a week and missed updating the blog for a while, but now I’m back in DC. It was great catching up with friends and talking about life at home and what was going on at Saint Louis University, but now it is crunch time.

However, before I left, there was one thing that I had to see, Saint Louis vs. Virginia Commonwealth for the A-10 title. Despite everything going against SLU and Spike Lee trying to promote his next movie about VCU, the Bills prevailed and won their first Atlantic 10 conference title. They also won the A-10 regular season title. I was so excited and since Kentucky is not in the tourney, the Bills are my team this year.

Now the Bills did have a funny way of how they found out what seed they were in the tournament. I kept seeing tweets from the players that they were at Best Buy. Huh? OK, not exactly my first choice of venues after winning a conference title, but it makes just another great addition to an amazing season

After watching the game, I booked it to the airport and made my flight with a few minutes to spare. The flight was a nice short flight and then I got to train station at BWI to take the MARC Train, but… NO MARC TRAINS TO DC ON THE WEEKENDS. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  At least Amtrak runs on weekends, but still an extra $20 gone.

After the short train ride, I hopped on the metro and rode it to Tenleytown and I was officially back to school. Now it is time for bed.

Onwards and Upwards to Bloomberg News and more exciting times in DC.


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