Bloomberg, Anthony Shop and Vox Media…All in One Day

19 Mar

Wow! What a first day back from Kentucky. After the long wait to get back to DC  it was truly worth it.

At 9:45, I hopped on the red line and went to Bloomberg. I arrived early and went to the Starbucks next door. After grabbing coffee, I went to Bloomberg’s lobby and reconnected with my classmates. Everyone seemed to have a good spring break. We met with Mark Silva, deputy managing editor and Phil Mattingly, Justice Department correspondent. Both gave some great insight into the expansion of Bloomberg as more than a financial news service and expanding into other realms of traditional news.

Mark was with the Tribune Company before it fell into bankruptcy and Phil began his career in DC at the Congressional Quarterly. They were both great talked a lot about their agency and how news was not the primary service for them and it was an outgrowth of Michael Bloomberg’s bond trading machines. They talked about gaining sources and developing a new reputation for Bloomberg.

After an hour and a half conversation, we walked over to the National Press Club and I finally got my membership card. I’m a member!!


At the National Press Club, we met Anthony Shop. Good Lord that man had passion and energy. He is the managing director of Social Driver a PR social media company that he co-founded. He comes up with media strategies for companies and is particular savvy on social media. He answered a lot of questions our class had about social media campaigns, privacy issues and so much more. It was nice to hear someone about our age and how he developed his own business.

Finally, I went to an event hosted by American University’s master program on developing your own start-up company. I heard from the Chairman and CEO of Vox Media Inc, Jim Bankoff. Mr. Bankoff is a very well known in the media business. He worked at AOL and developed many other entities until he became the CEO of Vox which has three main branches: SB Nation, The Verge and Polygon. It is one of the fastest growing companies on the web. It was cool to hear his perspective on having a purely online media venture and the importance of developing a strong content management system and a strong web platform.

What a day! I cannot wait until tomorrow.


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